Happy Lunar New Year 2021- Year of the Metal Ox!

Happy Lunar New Year  Xin Nian Kuai Le 新年快乐 ! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I thought of writing a special newsletter for Chinese New Year in 2021, the year of the Metal Ox! Usually during this time, I would go with my Kung Fu school to perform the lion dances around NYC Chinatown. We
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October-Fest Newsletter 2020

Happy October 2020! Some pictures from Teddy’s Birthday on October 1st. It looks like he joined his own doggie rock band. How does the name “Ruff Riders” sound as a band name? October was certainly full of ups and down..especially with the weather. I actually cannot believe we are in the homestretch of October already.
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Let’s hear some good news!

Happy Wednesday! As we are on “hump” day, I thought that some good news is in order. I recently came across this episode of John Krasinski (Jim from The Office) creating episodes of good news on his Youtube channel. He recently released two episodes here and here. Watch it for a good pick me up
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Wellness Guide to Coronaviruses

Welcome to your Wellness Guide to the Coronavirus! This post is meant to be used in conjunction with recommendations made by the CDC, your health care provider and other public health officials. There are many steps you can take to protect yourself from the coronavirus and other seasonal viruses. Use this information to keep you
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Living life better without the burnout

Are you too tired to do everything? There is so much information out there on how to live a better life. Meditate, get acupuncture, do yoga, exercise, read a book every week, eat a plant-based diet or keto, journal every day about gratitude, drink this tea..etc. How do we have time to do everything? Honestly,
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National Exercise With Your Child Week

This is an image of a dad and mom helping their daughter learn to ride on a bike with training wheels.

Family health starts at the top. When you practice healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle, your children are more likely to do the same. As found in almost all facets of life, starting young is the key to developing life long habits. Healthy fitness habits in turn positively affect the other aspects of your children’s
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What is the Chinese Medicine approach to food, diet and digestion?

This is a top-down image of a dark blue painted table with a pear, slivered nuts and some herbs, there’s a medium blue napkin. There’s text overlay that says “He That Takes Medicine and neglects Diet Wastes the Skill of the Physician” ~ Chinese Proverb

What does Chinese Medicine have to say about food and diet? How does Chinese Medicine view our digestive system? “Their eating and drinking was moderate. Their rising and resting had regularity. They did not tax themselves with meaningless work.” ~Huang Di Nei Jing Ch. 1 “He that takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skills
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What is De Qi Sensation?

This is a very close up image of Dr. Khanita placing acupuncture needles on a client's back.

What is actually happening with De Qi sensation? As acupuncturists, we are aware that some people are really scared of needles. However, the different sensations from the acupuncture needles are what help the body heal naturally! When we first learned how to do acupuncture, our teachers informed us to get that “de qi” sensation where
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What is Cupping?

This is an image of Dr. Khanita doing Chinese fire cupping therapy on someone’s back (close-up view), a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine that uses a flame to create suction within the cups. The text says “What is Cupping?”

I have received some questions about cupping over the past few weeks. Cupping is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that dates back more than 2,000 years. The vacuum that is created draws stagnant fluids up to the surface of the tissues, improving circulation, and delivering nutrients more quickly to the injured areas. When it
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