May 2021 – It’s Gonna be May

You know I had to do this right? Justin Timberlake is classic when it is May! Sorry, not sorry for posting this meme.

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Happy Mother’s Day

May is the start of the spring transitioning into the summer solstice and having tons of barbeques outside! It is starting to get warmer and I love the longer, so I may have to spend more time outside (with the doggies of course). It is also Mother’s Day in May which always has me feeling mixed emotions during this time. My mother passed away in 2016 and the first mother’s day without her was one of the hardest days to get through. I still miss her to this day, miss her advice on life whenever I felt stuck ,or needed to vent.

She taught me a lot about resilience and how to build good relationships with people over time. She was quite the business woman back in the day with my father and always encouraged me to open my own business whenever I got older. Back then, I would scoff at her and say “I could never do that mom…” but then I opened up my own practice and I really did become the business woman she always wanted me to be! I love being able to meet different people from all walks of life and learning about their life stories. Of course, I am in there to treat their chief complaints but connecting with other people is really a part of healing as well. I am finding joy in practicing medicine and feeling immense gratitude in meeting so many wonderful patients over the years.

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Even though she is not physically with me, I know that she is proud of how I built the practice and will continue to do so the rest of my life. That is partially why my practice is named after her and I hope to continue the legacy through the years of helping those in need. One of the most important lessons she taught me was how to be resilient and to be aware of impermanence. She always encouraged me to meditate and observe my thoughts as they come and go. It taught me that things change all the time but how we react to them is how we grow as a person.

Thank you mom for all your inspiration and dedication to helping others that need it. This one’s for you!



Book: Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach

Smart Women Finish Rich, Expanded and Updated: Bach, David: 9780525573043: Books

This book was actually recommended to me by a patient, so thank you! Growing up I was lucky that my mom was involved with the finances so I learned very early how to spend and save responsibly. However, there were things I had to learn on my own (especially since I opened my own business) that I wish I knew when I was younger! This book is great in laying out steps to take control of your own finances. It addresses financial concerns like how much you should put in an emergency fund, what securities should you have in your portfolio, how to save for retirement, and to be confident in your values about money. As more women are opening their own businesses and having more job opportunities to make more money, it is more important than ever to know how to invest in themselves. I am no financial expert, but reading through this book has made me more confident in how to organize my finances without feeling overwhelmed. If you are looking to start investing or want to learn how to manage money by yourself, this book gives a clear road map to living financially free.



Email me your a caption of this photo of Teddy with the subject line “Caption This” for a chance to win a $20 Starbucks gift card! I will choose the best caption and post the top three best captions during next month’s newsletter. I will accept entries until the first of next month. Happy captioning!

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I am back from my break and boy was that needed. It looks like the summer-time is booking up so make your appointments while you can! I will be open to new patients in the summer and will most likely take another break in August before the school year starts. Everyone get some sun while it lasts!

IMPORTANT: I understand that the new CDC guidance on masks have laxed on fully vaccinated people. However, medical offices follow different CDC guidelines and will still require masks in the building. I will continue to monitor the situation with the Maryland Department of Health and my organization so please be considerate of others in the building. Thanks so much for all your continued support during these times!

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