National Exercise With Your Child Week

This is an image of a dad and mom helping their daughter learn to ride on a bike with training wheels.

Family health starts at the top. When you practice healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle, your children are more likely to do the same. As found in almost all facets of life, starting young is the key to developing life long habits.

Healthy fitness habits in turn positively affect the other aspects of your children’s life (and your own). A study published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry found that physical exercise helped improve other areas including the following:

– Improved sleep
– Stress relief
– Improvement in mood
– Increased energy and stamina
– Reduced Tiredness that can increase mental alertness
– Weight reduction
– Reduced cholesterol and improved cardiovascular fitness
– Most adults can attest to many of these benefits, but these are especially true for children…

Check out this article from the National Institute of Health on Exercise for Mental Health

Keep your children ahead of the curve and prepare them for getting their mind and body in gear for the upcoming school year!

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