When I was Young

This is an image of Dr. Khanita posing in a boxing ring in a white t-shirt and grey shorts. The t-shirt says “RockTape: Go stronger, longer” She is wearing white padded boxing gloves and is holding a black padded boxing helmet with the word Title across it. It appears as though she just finished sparring.

I had a knack of hurting myself..but I guess it didn’t help that I participated in several activities. I did Thai Boxing for two years from 8th grade until about sophomore year of high school and dislocated my shoulder several times. (The first time I did it was during traumatic incident while playing some street basketball….). I got really into tennis during my high school years, was on the co-ed volleyball team for three years, one year of track and during my college years I played quite a bit of flag football. Needless to say, I couldn’t keep still during my younger years and with all my injuries, I interacted with a lot of different doctors. I was able to see which doctors actually cared about my well-being and on actually getting me better. I’m sure we have all experienced those doctors that see you for five minutes and then try to send you on your way. During this time, I first interacted with my chiropractor who was the only doctor that really got me better and spent time listening to me instead of pushing me along.

It wasn’t until the summer of 2011 in Thailand that I was introduced to Chinese Medicine. I went with my mom to visit family there for about two months and we ended up shadowing a famous Chinese medicine doctor that had a clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. I was in his clinic for about a month and he also treated me for my nagging injuries. I was in awe how many people he was able to see in his busy clinic, treating various diseases not always related to pain. People that came in were so happy to see him and they cheerfully would hop on the table as he would start making his rounds to see his patients.

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