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Holistic Pain Management Online consultations

Accessible holistic care when you need it most

Combining Traditional Chinese Medicine & Holistic Healing to allow you to gain control of your stress & anxiety again

Telehealth consults and recommendations that include acupressure points, qigong therapy, custom Chinese herbal formula for your specific needs and lifestyle changes.

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How it works

Schedule an initial complimentary 15-min consultation to find out if telehealth is right for you

Start your custom holistic wellness plan - Meet Dr. Khanita online to start an open and confidential holistic plan that fits your lifestyle and health goals.

Receive recommended herbal formulas for you to take along with other recommendations as needed

Specific Qigong therapy and lifestyle recommendations

Check in with your progress with follow-up appointments twice a month

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What patients are saying

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

Custom made herbal formula shipped to your home

Specific herbal formula used for the past 3,000+ years to treat conditions from infertility to sports injury pain

Lifestyle Change

Qigong Therapy

Movement routine specifically to address pain and discomfort

Qigong exercises tailored to your needs

How we can help

Ongoing Support

Checking in twice a month to assess your progress with herbs and qigong

Follow through and revise the plan until significant progress

Common areas we treat

Stress & Anxiety

Herbal therapy to help reduce stress symptoms and allow for better control

Knee Pain

Long-term solution to address knee pain for athletes and fitness lovers without using painkillers

Low Back Pain

Immediate and long-term relief to reduce acute and chronic pain