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Take back control over your anxiety.

This sample pack includes

Herbal Formula specifically for anxiety

– Acupressure guide to reduce anxiety symptoms with 3 min routines

Ear seeds to apply for all day anxiety relief

– Qigong exercises routine to help expand body posture

– Lifestyle change recommendations to limit behavior that only encourages anxiety

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Nourish Your Body + Mind

Provide your body the opportunity to heal with movement therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Herbal Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine utilizing herbal medicine to treat pain symptoms and conditions.


Application of manual pressure of specific points on the body to help the flow of Qi throughout the body.

Qigong Exercise

Ancient Chinese exercise and healing technique that involves meditation, controlled breathing and movement exercises.

Your Herbal Formula

Instead of drinking more caffeine to feel “energized”, 

allow yourself to relax and properly recover.

Rebalance with Acupressure

When our body is not in good balance or lacks the proper flow of Qi,

we can feel more anxious.

Qigong Exercise

Anxiety typically comes with bad posture.

Let’s expand our body to allow for recovery.

Ear Seeds

Attach these on specific acupressure points for all day relief.

Proper Anxiety management can bring

freedom & choice

Less worrying about feeling trapped, more focusing on what excites you and your family.

More energy

We know how much energy stress & anxiety can take away from you. Let's revitalize you.

More Dreaming

Dream about your next destination in life, whether it's family hiking trip or traveling to a new place.

Rest peacefully

Feeling fully rested requires us to feel whole physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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