King/Queen Arises from Throne – Qigong Exercise for Neck Pain

Continuing the series for shoulder and neck pain - here is another simple qigong exercise to help with "desk-neck" or any forward head carriage issues. You can also pretend that you are in Game of Thrones, rising from the Iron Throne. ha! You can repeat the exercise 8-12 times initially and work up to performing it for several minutes. This is a great standalone exercise to help with neck pain. Important points: -The hands are moving slowly in a relaxed state. You may imagine pushing your hands through some resistance without tension. -Do not force the shoulder blades together, let the movement naturally engage the muscles that draw them together. Share to someone that you know may need this exercise. Subscribe to my channel to get more videos on how qigong can help you live your best life! For more information you can visit my website at

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